Some Practical Tips for Setting up Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers were designed for applications where it is not easy to run speaker wires. They differ from regular speakers and that they don’t need to be connected via speaker wire to the amplifier. In fact, they don’t require an amplifier at all. The amplifier is already built into the speaker. For the most part, wireless speakers require a transmitter device which is the interface between the audio and the wireless. The wireless signal is then picked up by the speakers which is amplified and sent to the built-in woofer as well as tweeter.

Amphony speakers

Because of the wireless connection, setting up these types of speakers seems quite easy. You don’t have to worry about how to run long speaker cable anymore. However, there still some considerations which can affect performance of the speaker. You can find wireless speakers at web sites including and Therefore, I recommend that you follow the next few rules during the installation.

Some of these rules in fact apply not only to wireless speakers but also to regular types. The first rule is to pick a proper location for the speaker. The location depends on where your primary listening area is. If you want to use speaker in a room then the speakers would usually be located alongside the wall of your room. It doesn’t usually make sense to place speakers in the middle of a room because the sound from the speaker is usually radiated one direction only. Of course, there are some exceptions in that some speaker models are designed to radiate in all different directions. In that case you might actually prefer a location which is fairly central in order to keep the sound balanced throughout the room.

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In all other cases, I recommend to mount the speakers in the corner. The corner not only lowers the possibility of somebody tripping over the speaker but also the sound is being reflected by to walls and focused towards the inside of the room. Obviously, rotate speakers such that it is facing directly towards the center of the room. If you are installing multiple speakers then I recommend placing each speaker in its own corner. That will allow for sufficient spatial separation which will enhance the stereo effect.

When placing the transmitter, it is important to find the proper location also. The transmitter should be located is close to the speakers or at least such that the signal which is radiated by the transmitter can travel towards the speakers without a lot of obstructions such as walls and other metal objects. That will maximize reliability of the transmission and minimize disruptions of the audio.

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