Some Useful Tips for Installing Audio Gear

After you’ve spent hours deciding on which audio equipment to purchase, you shouldn’t rush to the installation. A proper installation is the foundation for longevity of any electronic equipment. Therefore, whenever you install new audio equipment, follow some basic rules and use common sense.

Audio gear can sometimes be stacked up. Stacking up multiple components can save space. However, before you start stacking, verify that the equipment is using a rugged enclosure. Usually, metal enclosures are most suitable for stacking multiple components on top of one another. Ideally, each component should use a standard-width rack. You should consider this fact before you actually decide on which components you purchase.

Another rule for stacking different components is to allow enough room for proper ventilation of every component which uses large amounts of energy such as a power amplifier. Power amplifiers usually have openings in top of the enclosure which allow heat to escape. If you start …