What to Do If You Cell Phone Doesn‘t Work Anymore

Cell phones have become one of the most popular portable gadgets that we carry around each day. Obviously, they are useful in order to call somebody but the fact is that smart phones have a lot more functionality than the typical telephone. Lately smart phones have become bigger and bigger thus blending in with the area of tablets. Cell phones nowadays can run most commonly available operating systems including Windows and android. Therefore, you can pretty much run any program on your cell phone that you would be able to run on a computer. Obviously, the screen is still somewhat limited and a cell phone doesn’t have a dedicated keyboard. However, they applications that can minimize the impact of that limitation such as voice recognition software and handwriting recognition.

Also, many people enjoy listening to music from the cell phones. So when you think about it, a cell phone can pretty much be used all day long. Therefore, it is even more annoying when your phone breaks down. Just follow the below tips in order to get your phone back working again.

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The most common problem with cell phones not working anymore are the batteries. Cell phones carry a rechargeable battery which can be accessed by opening the backlit of your phone. Obviously, if the battery doesn’t have enough power, the cell phone is not going to work. The first step in that case is to connect your phone to a charge unit. Once connected, you should see a charge symbol on the screen of the phone which indicates that the battery is being charged. Once that is the case I would wait a minute or so before turning on the phone again. Some phones are not going to turn on unless there’s a certain charge in the battery.

If the phone does not start charging, however, then it is possible that the charge connector of your phone is broken. Open up the backlit of the phone and remove the battery by hand. Then put the battery into a dedicated charger. Make sure to observe the correct polarity when inserting the battery. Otherwise you can actually damage the battery permanently. Also, make sure that the charger that you are using is compatible with the battery of your phone. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer of the charger.

Once charged back up, put the battery back into your phone and see if it starts up. If it still doesn’t start, then try cleaning the contacts inside the phone which connect the phone with the battery. Sometimes, the contacts are either bent out of shape or are rusted. Either of these conditions would prevent the contact from conducting electricity. If there’s rust on the contacts, remove that rust carefully. Then put the battery back in and test your phone.

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