How to Do Some Simple Repairs on Audio Equipment

If you have ever used tools before then chances are that you can remedy many common problems that occur with electronic equipment. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a degree in electrical engineering. Many problems are easy to spot and remedy. I will list some of these issues that frequently occur with audio equipment and show you how to resolve them.

The power supply is probably one of the most common issues with audio equipment. Oftentimes the power cable is not properly plugged in. This can occur if you move the equipment and the power plug does not fit very snug. To figure out whether there’s a power issue, check whether the audio equipment has any lights or indicators which are active. If none of these indicators are active, chances are there is no power. Next, make sure that you have turned on the device.

If the device is turned on by still doesn’t …


Some Practical Tips for Setting up Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers were designed for applications where it is not easy to run speaker wires. They differ from regular speakers and that they don’t need to be connected via speaker wire to the amplifier. In fact, they don’t require an amplifier at all. The amplifier is already built into the speaker. For the most part, wireless speakers require a transmitter device which is the interface between the audio and the wireless. The wireless signal is then picked up by the speakers which is amplified and sent to the built-in woofer as well as tweeter.

Amphony speakers

Because of the wireless connection, setting up these types of speakers seems quite easy. You don’t have to worry about how to run long speaker cable anymore. However, there still some considerations which can affect performance of the speaker. You can find wireless speakers at web sites including www.amphony.com/products/wireless-speaker.htm and amazon.com. Therefore, I recommend that you follow the next few …


Some Useful Tips for Installing Audio Gear

After you’ve spent hours deciding on which audio equipment to purchase, you shouldn’t rush to the installation. A proper installation is the foundation for longevity of any electronic equipment. Therefore, whenever you install new audio equipment, follow some basic rules and use common sense.

Audio gear can sometimes be stacked up. Stacking up multiple components can save space. However, before you start stacking, verify that the equipment is using a rugged enclosure. Usually, metal enclosures are most suitable for stacking multiple components on top of one another. Ideally, each component should use a standard-width rack. You should consider this fact before you actually decide on which components you purchase.

Another rule for stacking different components is to allow enough room for proper ventilation of every component which uses large amounts of energy such as a power amplifier. Power amplifiers usually have openings in top of the enclosure which allow heat to escape. If you start …


What to Do If You Cell Phone Doesn‘t Work Anymore

Cell phones have become one of the most popular portable gadgets that we carry around each day. Obviously, they are useful in order to call somebody but the fact is that smart phones have a lot more functionality than the typical telephone. Lately smart phones have become bigger and bigger thus blending in with the area of tablets. Cell phones nowadays can run most commonly available operating systems including Windows and android. Therefore, you can pretty much run any program on your cell phone that you would be able to run on a computer. Obviously, the screen is still somewhat limited and a cell phone doesn’t have a dedicated keyboard. However, they applications that can minimize the impact of that limitation such as voice recognition software and handwriting recognition.

Also, many people enjoy listening to music from the cell phones. So when you think about it, a cell phone can pretty much be used all …